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Shigeru Ban 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laurate

“Shigeru Ban’s commitment to humanitarian causes through his disaster relief work is an example for all. Innovation is not limited by building type and compassion is not limited by budget. Shigeru has made our world a better place.”

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-Let’s hurry up-…let’s not.#pascalcampionart

Let’s not.


-Let’s hurry up
-…let’s not.

Let’s not.

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Reinoud Oudshoorn - iron and matte glass, 1999-2005

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A little stark for a home, but I love the texture of the metal nonetheless

A little stark for a home, but I love the texture of the metal nonetheless

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Motoi Yamamoto

All of this was done with salt. Amazing!

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Elisa Strozyk

Wooden. Rugs. Rolls those two words around in your mind hole for a minute or two. German artist Elisa Strozyk has created three variations of these delightful coverings. Strozyk dyes and connects row upon row of triangular pieces as she pulls together the end result of a colored wooden rug, which is so flexible that you can literally crumple it up and toss it into a corner. (via Design Milk)

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Fort Atlantic - Let Your Heart Hold Fast

In the oceans deep,
In the canyon’s steep
Walls of granite, here I stand.

All my desperate calls
Echo off the walls,
Back and forth then back again.

To believe I walk alone
Is a lie that I’ve been told.

So let your heart hold fast
For this soon shall pass
Like the high tide takes the sand.”


Unashamedly excited for the new and final season of How I Met Your Mother. This show has brought me solace in so many different ways, and has been integral in helping me move on and find hope during my darkest times. No matter the crap and the filler, this show really has had some wonderful gems. SO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW

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Facebook says that as long as users are given the full range of privacy options, they can be relied on to figure them out. Privacy campaigners want Facebook and others to be clearer and more upfront with users about who can view their personal data. Both agree that users deserve to be given control over their choices. But what if the problem isn’t Facebook’s privacy settings, but our own?


Ed Sheeran - The Parting Glass

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